Library Resources Help California Woman Unravel Family History

May 17th, 2021

Library Resources Help California Woman Unravel Family History


Lynn Dosty is a California native who has only been to New Orleans once, for a visit almost two decades ago. And yet, in the past few months, she said the New Orleans Public Library has changed her life and set her on a genealogical mission to tell her family’s story.

After first connecting with the New Orleans Public Library last fall, Dosty has located the burial sites of her great-grandparents, started mapping the history of her enslaved ancestors, and found a possible living relative that grounds her to those roots: Gaynell Brady of Our Mammy's.

“I don’t want to just make the tree, I really want to tell their story,” Dosty said. “Since I’ve been connected with the New Orleans Library and with Gaynell, there’s nothing stopping me.”

Read more about Dosty's journey and how the New Orleans Public Library has already been "instrumental" in achieving her goal, here.

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